Listening to the sound of silence,
the absolute blankness of the night.
The ambient silence spread all across,
the range of my eyes.
Staring deep into the infinite sky,
counting stars to fall asleep.
But the silence is too loud,
spread like a thick dense blanket,
Over the million weeps.
Nobody can hear it,
But everyone can feel.
Yet nothing can be done,
the reign of silence has begun.
Staring through the blankness
of my eyes.
How I see everything,
Yet I am blind.
Waiting for someone to raise the voice ,
Not brave enough to be the voice.

Muffled screams echoing in the clouds of silence,
where even I’m the reason behind the screams.
Because I was too afraid to save a life,
and I let a life break down like a broken dream.

Can’t the sun shine so bright!
So that the clouds of silence pour down,
into the drops of rain,
Which can wash away the pain.
Of the innocent ones and
burn down the demons into flames.
A place where the clouds are no longer the signs of sorrow.
A brighter day for everyone and no fear of tomorrow.
Where the voice of truth is the loudest.
And the lies are kept silent.
Where the sun shines upon every single wound.
To heal the pain, to remove the stain.

Here I lie,imagining a better world.
Still staring into the silent sky.
Preparing to raise my voice,
but waiting till the time gets right.

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